Critical Care



The department of Ruby Critical Care consists of ICU 71 beds. The team comprises of Consultant Intensivists, Pain physicians, Senior & Junior Doctors and highly efficient, experienced and well trained nursing & paramedical staff.

World class Infrastructure along with modern medical technology which made this department one of our centres of excellence.


Skills, Procedures and Interventions

  • Venepuncture / Central vein cannulation, Peripherally inserted Central venous Cannula

  • Peripheral artery cannulation - Blind and Ultrasound guided.

  • Pulmonary Artery catheterization

  • Trans esophageal Echocardiography

  • Basic and Advanced non invasive and invasive monitoring including ABG.

  • Nasotracheal and endotracheal intubations (Adult, Paediatric and Neonatal)

  • Management of difficult airway

  • Management of Ventilators and its accessories, High-frequency Oscillatory Ventilation (HFOV)

  • Transportation of critically ill patients

  • Trauma patient resuscitation

  • Peripheral ICU assessment, airway management, central venous cannula insertion.

  • Management of the critically ill, medical, surgical and trauma patients and intensive care

  • Septic shock, hypovolemic shock management

  • Antibiotics & antifungal prescriptions,

  • Heart–Lung interaction

  • Dyselectrolytemia & acid base management

  • RRT( PD, HD & CCRT)

  • Coagulopathy Management

  • Nutrition in ICU (Enteral & Perenteral)

  • Management of tetanus Patients

  • Obstertic critical care and analgesia

  • Basic acute and chronic pain management.

  • Bedside ultrasonography in orbit, neck, airway, chest, abdomen, extremity and vascular

  • Transthoracic echocardiography

  • Percutaneous tracheostomy

  • Intra Aortic Balloon Pump (IABP) & cardiopulmonary bypass

  • Epidural catheterization (Lumbar and Thoracic).



  • Critically ill medical patients proper assessment, diagnosis and managements such as septic shock with multi organ involvement, patients with severe antibiotic resistant infection.

  • Manage life threatening multiple organ problems appropriately.

  • Using Ultrasound as an assessment tool for critically ill patients with multi organ involvement.

  • Manage patients with respiratory failure like ventilation management, Prone ventilation

  • Post operative ICU Care after complicated surgery

  • Managing patients with acute kidney failure in ICU

  • Life saving bedside procedure like chest drain, tracheostomy etc.

  • All types of complicated trauma patient management in ICU


Doctor List


Unique Cases

Dr. Kalyan Kar & Dr. Amitabha Saha & Dr. Tapan Kumar Dass & Dr. Sougata Deb & Dr. Anjula Banerjee

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