Diabetology & Endocrinology


India is termed as the Diabetic capital of the world. The term "Diabetes" refers to a group of diseases that affects the way our body uses Blood Glucose, commonly called Blood Sugar. Glucose is vital for our health as it is the main source of energy for the cells that make up your muscles and tissues.

Ruby General Hospital provides the "technologically" latest care in the management of Diabetes & Diabetes related complications like Hypertension, Lipid disorders, Obesity, Neuropathy and Nephropathy. The hospital also provides Supe-specialist consultations on other Endocrine related problems like Infertility, Growth Problems, problems of Secondary Sexual development, Thyroid & Adrenal Disorders.

Diagnostic facilities available here include HbA1c, Urinary Spot Microalbumin:Creatinine ratio, Free T3, FreeT4, TSH, Cortisol Profile, Prolactin and other hormonal parameters.


Doctor List

  • Dr. Sujoy Majumdar MD(General Medicine),MRCP,FRCP(Dublin)
  • Dr. Ajitesh Roy , MD (Gen. Med), DM (Endo)