Respiratory Medicine


Respiratory Medicine is a sub-specialty of Medicine that deals with the diseases of the lung and the entire breathing system.

Lungs are vital organs, responsible for providing oxygen to the whole body and without which life is unsustainable. Consequently any disease of the lung has a significant impact on the quality of life.

Advancement of civilization has exposed the lungs to numerous environmental pollutants, occupational exposures, as well as cigarette smoking which trigger diseases like Asthma, COPD, Cancer of the lung etc more frequently. Even Breathing disorders during sleep affect the quality of life.

Advancement of knowledge about lung diseases, gadgets, treatment and modern medicines are now helping the patients to breathe easily and offer hopes of leading a symptom free life in many situations.

The Respiratory Medicine Department of Ruby General Hospital is dedicatedly addressing these problems with ready access to updated knowledge and modern gadgets with the will to offer quality care to all patients with respiratory problems.